Every year I like to reflect on the music that was the most impactful to me. I used to do this by picking an “album of the year”.

Several years ago, however, I realized that trying to pick an “album of the year” or a list of the “best” albums led me to write and reflect on the albums that I thought were musically “good” or relevant to the alternative music scene, and not necessarily the albums that played an important role in my life that year.

So, for the past few years, I have put together “music journeys” instead; lists of songs from various albums that I listened to a lot over the course of the year. I arrange the songs chronologically by when they entered my library, so the only reflection that has to happen is whether I thought the song was important to me and when I started listening to it.

This is my first year sharing one of these lists and I hope you enjoy the peek into my life and what music has been important to me this year.

View the music journey here

(P.S., there is a playlist of the music journey on YouTube.)